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You will find on this page all the prices for our 25 rooms in Toulon center, as well as for the breakfast served every morning. Are you looking for a cheap hotel in Toulon ? For any reservation, contact us by phone or email.

Type Category Low Season
October 1rst / February 28th
High Season
March 1rst / September 30th
1 person 45€/night 55€/night
2 persons 1 bed 55€/night 65€/night
2 persons 2 small beds 65€/night 75€/night
3 persons 1 bed et 1 small bed 65€/night 85€/night
4 persons 1 bed et 2 small beds 85€/night 105€/night
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Terms and Conditions

Breakfast : 5.50€
Tourist tax : 0.83€ /day /person